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Founded in 2008, Hygieia Sciences is dedicated to improving human health and well-being through development of unique air research technology both for enhancing non-invasive early disease detection and indoor environments. 


Hygieia Sciences is advancing breakthrough research and technology pioneering voids in non-invasive, early disease screening, using proprietary breath capture technologies to detect and track disease progression.  This combined with more traditional modalities and therapeutic interventions responsiveness is an effective, non-invasive, point-of-care technology.

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Dr. Charlene Bayer, PhD.


Dr. Charlene Bayer is a leading expert in the field of indoor environmental and air research.  She has over 30 years of professional and management experience both in multi-million dollar research projects and multi-organizational teams.  Dr. Bayer is a Principal Research Scientist Emeritus at the Georgia Tech Research Institute of Technology (GTRI), where through her career she served as a Principal Research Scientist, a Branch Head, Institute Fellow, Adjunct Professor, and guest Professor in the School of Architecture in green/sustainable and healthy schools and buildings.

She founded Hygieia Sciences to commercialize her technology for detecting human diseases from her breath and her advanced indoor air quality research.  Dr. Bayer is an ASHRAE Research Fellow and Lifetime Member.  She currently is Educator/Program Subcommittee and Chair of the ASHRAE Environmental Health Committee and the past chair of the ASHRAE TC2.3, as well as being a member of several ASHRAE Technical Committees.  At USGBC, Dr. Bayer was the Vice Chair of the USGBC EQ TAG and the Research Committee, a Senior Research Fellow for Materials and Healthy Buildings at USGBC.  She holds a MS and PhD from Emory University.

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